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Buy an LCD Display for a phone at an affordable price!

A phone LCD display is essentially a liquid crystal monitor with a backlight under the liquid crystal base. Amorphous silicon is used as these crystals. And in everything he is good, only he heats up significantly and the screen resolution has limitations. This type of LCD for phones almost entirely occupies the budget and middle segments of the smartphone market. Because the technology has long been known, good-looking, and quite cheap to manufacture. Well, since the backlight is on the bottom, then the quality, together with the brightness of the image on the screen, shows itself perfectly under the sun and other bright light sources. LCDs for phones are manufactured using different technologies: TFT LCD, IPS LCD, LTPS LCD.

LCD phone display for your mobile!

There are also marketing names of phone LCD panel phones like Retina or Triluminos display. But it's not even worth going into this, because the essence is about the same. Well, the next generation of LCD panel phones is IGZO LCD. Mobile phone LCD displays are budget friendly, will not cause any inconvenience, and will fully satisfy all your needs and desires. But OLED is a more advanced technology, more efficient, works better and after a smartphone with an OLED screen it will be difficult for you to switch to phone LCD parts, because the color rendition will openly cut your eyes at first. It will be especially noticeable how the mobile phone LCD parts go more blue compared to OLED. There are too many different models of phone LCD parts on the market with additional parameters, features, manufacturers and so on. We hope you can choose and buy a decent model for your phone.